Complimentary Design Time

We offer 30 min. complimentary design time for every sign purchased. You may send us images or files to be used in your final artwork or existing layered artwork that you would like us to modify for the sign you purchased. 


Color Matching 

There will be a difference between what you see on your computer screen and what is produced. The differences are caused by a variety of reasons such as paper type, ink, equipment etc. Visual Sign Shop will perform our production work as determined by generally accepted trade technical methods. We do not guarantee an exact color match to art submitted.  If art is submitted as any color mode other than CMYK it will be converted to CMYK. We are not responsible for color shifts if original work has not been submitted properly. Credit or refund will not be given for non-matching colors or shifts. The finished product quality will be the best we can produce according to our equipment abilities. A smaller scaled test print can be purchased at $25 each. 



You will receive electronic proof for every sign purchased. No production will start without written approval on the proof sent. Visual Sign Shop will not accept responsibility for typographical errors, spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, graphics, fonts or content. Visual Sign Shop cannot be held responsible for matching colors or ink densities on electronic PDF or JPEG proofs approved by customers. PDF or JPEG proofs can be used to help display layout, text accuracy, and image placement and proportion, but not color or ink density. If proof is waived, we will not send you an electronic proof. However, to ensure that you will get the highest quality print, if there is a problem with the artwork you submitted such as, low resolution images used, invalid file format, we will inform you via email within 1 business day. Visual Sign Shop is not responsible for delays on submitted files that are not to our specs.