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Lobby Signs

At Visual Signs, we specialize in custom reception lobby signs. Lobby signs can be a large format format decorative piece in the office and also effectively impact clients’ first impression of your business. Each lobby sign is professionally made with premium quality material such as metal, plastic, plexiglass, and high density foam, painted with your custom company colors - adding professionalism and credibility to your business. 
Popular Lobby Sign Materials:
  • PVC - Great for long-term indoor use, lightweight. Silver/Gold metal laminate available to create cost-effective metal-look.
  • High Density Foam - Can be used for long-term indoor or up to 7 years outdoor. Smooth metal laminate surface and orange peel-like edge.
  • Acrylic - Great for indoor and thicker acrylic can be used for outdoor. Medium-weight. Silver/Gold metal laminate available to create cost-effective metal-look.
  • Aluminum - Long-term outdoor and indoor use. Smooth face and edge. Heavy-weight. Can be painted with custom colors. 
Panel Lobby Signs:
Company logo in sticker or dimensional letter form mounted on the face of a panel, and the panel is attached to the wall with metal stand-offs. 
This is a popular custom lobby sign type. Panel lobby signs allow you to remove the lobby sign easily without much of damage to the wall or your custom lobby sign. Your lobby sign panel can be re-used again at your new office.
Lobby sign panel also allow you to easily change out the graphic without hassel. Simply purchase a panel with your new logo and unscrew the stand-off caps to swap the panels. 
3D Dimensional Lobby Signs:
Dimensional lobby signs offer a clean and sleek look to your office wall. It blends into the interior design of your office and stand out for its professional appearance.
Dimensional lobby logo is mounted to the wall either with VHB 2-sided tapes or spacers to create a distance between the lobby logo and the wall.  
Lobby Sign - PVC Letters
Lobby Sign - PVC Letters

Custom Painted 1" thick PVC Letters

Lobby Sign - Black Acrylic Logo
Lobby Sign - Black Acrylic Logo

1" thick Black Acrylic Letters

Lobby Sign - Gold Metal Letters
Lobby Sign - Gold Metal Letters

Brushed Gold Metal Laminate on 1/4" thick Foam.