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Irvine Orange County CA Poster Board Foam Board Printing

Poster boards provide a professional and cost-effective way of communicating to a particular target market. Attractive design can lure nearby people into a specific event and alert them of an upcoming product or service. Poster boards are easy to display due to its lightweight feature, it can be a sign hanging down from ceiling, mounted on the wall or put on an easel. Small poster boards can also be attached to window using suction cups, or adding a easel on the back to make it a tabletop poster board display. 


We use two different types of sign material to make poster boards - PVC (also known as Sintra) and GatorFoam Board. Each comes in different thickness and in Black and White color. You can upload your own graphics or use our in-house graphic designer to help you create a stunning and effective poster board. 


No matter what size poster board you need, we ensure to have your custom poster board delivered in time for your special occasion hassle-free. 

when you need a large flat surface

that you can use for a background or a display


PVC (Sintra) Board
This poster board material is a high density plastic board, light-medium weight depending on the size and thickness. PVC sign board provide a smooth surface and commonly used as wall signage such as indoor directional sign, office wall poster board, and tabletop board display such as POS display. PVC Poster signs are perfect for making short term outdoor and long term indoor advertisements. The boards are water-resistant. These substrates come in 1/8" thickness to fit most display stands.
• Graphic Size up to 46" x 38"
• Available Color: White
• Available Thickness: 1/8"
• Double Side Printing is Available
• Can be made into a Reflective Sign Board and Dry Erase Poster Board

GatorFoam Board
GatorFoam is an extruded polystyrene foam similar to foamcore. With its added strength from melamine and wood fiber veneer, GatorFoam is stronger than other foam boards. UV Printing allows for a longer lasting image, exending its usage. It is suitable for museum displays and presentations. GatorFoam Board is an ideal solution for short term signage such as event announcement poster board, directional sign, tabletop display board, business or school presentation board. GatorFoam Board can also be used as long term indoor office wall poster board, POS display board, etc. 
• Graphic Size: up to 46" x 38"
• Available Colors: Black and White
• Available Thickness: 3/16" and 1/2"
• Double Side Printing is Available
• Can be made into a Reflective Sign Board or Dry Erase Poster Board

Our custom poster boards are mostly used for:

Retail Promotion Poster Boards / Restaurant Menu Boards / Business Presentation Boards / Office Poster Board Displays / Point-of-Sale Displays

Wall Poster Boards / Birthday Poster Boards / Wedding Poster Boards / Directional Sign Boards / Announcement Sign Boards / Gallery Display Boards

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